Alamal National Hospital
Means the following
  • Health & Safety
  • Precision & System
  • Integrated service

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About Alamal Hospital
Al-Amal National Hospital is an addition to Sudan in terms of qualified medical personnel and good care of patients
The National Hope Hospital has many different sections: Children Department - Obstetrics and Gynecology Department - Orthopedics Department - Internal Medicine Department.

Hospital Doctors

Hope Hospital with distinguished medical cadres in various types of medical fields.

Hospital headquarters

Khartoum North - Cooper
Mobile 249185334505+
Safe medical examination
Al-Amal Hospital offers the best diagnostic equipment in Sudan .
Special medical service
We at Al-Amal Hospital take care of your comfort .
Safe medical service
We provide you with a safe medical service where we follow the highest safety standards.

Cleanliness of the hospital
We at Al Amal Hospital care about cleanliness and apply the highest standards of hygiene.
General system
We at the hospital care about the system to manage the hospital in order to provide a convenient medical service to all .
Good cadres
We at Hope Hospital have a constellation of specialized and well-trained medical personnel

Senior doctors

Alamal Hospital has a constellation of outstanding doctors.

Alamal National Hospital

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About Alamal Hospital

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Alamal National Hospital

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